४ कार्तिक २०७७, मंगलवार

Ashra and her band “Ashra and the Parables” released their first debut rock singles- “AABASH”

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This song is their first originals from the first ever EP “Aabash “. The song as stated by the band front women Ashra Kunwar has been dedicated to each & every one who’ve relentlessly pushed themselves to be a better version despite life UNCERTAINTIES of loss and losing someone close to their life to encourage EACH ONE – To never give up while becoming a resilient human!

The story has a different perspective of life, where the concept has been written by Ashra Kunwar and has casted 3 other acts, where every act has a different story to portray. The main moral of the whole song is: The fact that everyone have lost someone close to them in their life but the moral of the story is to contribute in the name of the loved ones they have lost while never giving up. The countdown posters were also kept for 7 days before the release.

Ashra kunwar as a young, spirited, and relentless Environmental Research scientist, Brand Ambassador for Agricultural Development Bank Limited and a Singer/ Songwriter/ Founder of an alternative / Progressive rock band Ashra & The Parables. Currently, she is also aiming for her Ph.D. degree in Wildlife communications and Human-wildlife conflicts. She is a self- motivated and relentless goal-oriented person who is willing to go above and beyond on any project related to Climate Resiliency, Human-wildlife conflicts, and communications.

To embark more about the front vocalist, Ashra loves to learn valuable skills on her own time such as the use of Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and other IT related endeavors. Having a few history of success as a singer/songwriter, former Journalist at News 24 , Country Ambassador at Youth Opportunities , communications officer for 3 years at Climate Reality Project, winner of Miss Heritage International pageant at Sri Lanka ,Peace Ambassador- Winner ( Gold medalist at Sri Lanka), Environmental Ambassador ( Silver Medalist at Sri Lanka), The Voice of Nepal ( Quarter Finalist), The Climate Reality Leader awardee at Former US vice president Al Gore’s training corp, Best idea project award winner in Climate Resiliency and Empowering human person 2016 from Nepal ,Final year college top scorer in both dissertation and course work in Graduate program at Tribhuwan University, Excellence in Music certified Singer at Women In Concert 2016, World Bank- Wuhan University scholar at Cooperation for Capacity building program on Education of Future Generation on Water Resource Development Professionals from Nepal, Top 25 selected youth at US Embassy youth council amongst 30,000 plus participant from the nation, Civic engagement project awardee- US Embassy, Public speaker at countries : Philippines, Sri Lanka, New Delhi, Bangalore, China and Italy ( Palermo).
She is still hungry to meet new goals and overcome challenges and effectively bring success to the team as she works with determination, hard work, and introspection, as her 3 core values in life.

Ashra aims to set an example as a relentless woman in the world someday by being an effective communicator and a spirited leader both as a Stage performer & an Environmental activist. Recently, she has performed at International stages like Australia, South Korea, Egypt, and more. She was also listed at WOW magazine – Young women of Substance.

We wish the promising Nepali rock band ” Ashra & The parables” the best for their, whole album that they said will soon be released.

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