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Talk of Silam

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There is a Nepali saying, ‘Go to Ilam and eat Silam’. If you say, you can see Silam in Ilam. Ilam is very bad. Adopt multiple farming systems. They are in the tea. They are in the cardamom. That’s why ‘ liquid s’ is good for them. We don’t care that much here. We are lazy. We suffer more lacking. We are behind in Nagdanarayan.
Today’s talk is of Silam. Whatever may happen, I put the talk of Silam, I put it.

Silam which is found in easy farming can be planted in the middle hill area. Not good in the hot earthquake. This is a multiplying plant. Seeds can be sown and brought to Mangshir in Baishakh. As the magamag plant is fragrant, the leaves can be arranged in the foods. If you mix two or four leaves of silam in corn and grind it, then it will be a saint.
Silam is Telhan Bali. The oil is abundant inside its grains. Even if you burn with local technology, oil comes well. The oil of silam is a living. Silam oil is considered suitable for eating bhutun and shouting bread.
There are two types of silam :- Black and white. White silam is considered more appropriate than black. And, the market price is also higher than white silam. The main utility of silam is pickle. His pickle is very delicious. Applying silam flower in pickle like nibhuwa lemon and lemon pickle makes pickle smelly and tasty. If the relatives living in the city market are brought a gift from Silam, then the hospitality will be good.
Wow, who can forget the taste of putting the kwapp in the mouth with Silam’s Leda with Mam’s Dalla Birolbarol! No matter how much you appreciate it, it will be less.
There is a new trend of eating raw rice in Nepali society. Those who have teeth, mix silam in rice and kill them. This can be eaten straight away. Even those who don’t have teeth can chew the bumps.
Because it’s too low. Nutrition is just like that. Delicious is the same and easily digested.
The demand is increasing due to regular slam eating that will strengthen the bone, brighten the eyes, shaking the skin and the face will be red.
Silam could be another source of income. Silam is imported from neighboring country in our country. The slam has to be removed from China and India. In every country of the Asia continent, it is farming. Nepal is also considered a fertile land for Silam. It is necessary to attract Nepali farmers towards Silam farming in a planned manner.
Finally I urge the youth not to stay unemployed. Don’t keep the land barren. Think of cultivating Nagdebali Silam. Visit your nearest agriculture office. Meet the technician and get the necessary skills. Hello!!!!!
S Niraula
Thulungdudhkoshi Rural Municipality-3
Panchan, Solukhumbu.

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