१४ मंसिर २०७७, आईतवार

I walked out

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-Soniy Tamang

Yeah, I decided to separate. Not only for some days but for,Forever. I know it will be so hard for you, Not for me.

I made sure I locked the door and left the key.
I was a girl who never wanted to walk out but I did.

I realized I found a key that never belonged to me.
I walked out from that place. I walked out.

I’m tired of everything, I no longer have the energy to handle all the modes of you.

I no longer have the energy to deal with the constant lies, times that you would mad at me whenever I called you.

I no longer have the energy to accept your half- assed apologies.I won’t . I’m tired.
I will no longer be how you are.
I will no longer be what you are.
I will no longer care.
I will no longer think. I didn’t give up. I just walked out.
I was so tired of begging for attention, love, care and cherishment.
I felt so lonely even being with you.
After all I said, all I did. Nothing changed, YOU never changed.

You never valued my emotions and tears. Never.
I would yell And scream until my voice ran out every single night.

I don’t want to see you cry,
I don’t want your realization,
I don’t want your explanation,
I don’t want your message every day,
I really don’t want even your goodbye.
I’m tired. I’m done. I walked out.
I walked out. Never to come back in again. I packed all the memories. The wounds you gave will probably never heal.

I remembered you called me with beautiful and sweet nicknames and made me feel so loved but it was all an act to play out for the heartbreak on the big screen.

You put me through hell while I was fighting for heaven. A place to live in pure bliss. But there was only pain in tears.

But out of all things, I clearly know one thing, I am never coming back again . I am detaching myself.

I am dealing with my insecurities and learning to be happy on my own.

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