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INSEC unveils Human Rights Yearbook-2020

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The Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) on Friday made public the Human Rights Yearbook-2002, which has shown that the cases of human rights violations were on the rise in Karnali Province lately. The book which documents the cases of human rights violation in the country has stated that as many as 484 cases of human rights violation were reported in Karnali Province. Among these cases, 58 cases were reported to have been caused by the State while in rest other 436 cases, the perpetrators have been individuals.


Altogether 32 murder cases were documented in Karnali Province in which one murder had been committed by the State while rest others were committed by other parties. In 2019, the State recorded 413 cases of human rights violations, according to INSEC Karnali State Coordinator Narayan Subedi. Among the common cases of human rights violations in the Province have been murder, abduction, thrashing and infringing on the right to speech and others. Subedi added that women and children have been mostly affected by such cases. In book release programme, chief judge of the Surkhet High Court Nahakul Subedi said that the role of the judiciary would be very important in protecting the human rights as well as in serving justice to the victims. He said he has been playing a leading role in dispensation of justice to the victim at the earliest. Karnali Province Assembly Member Devi Oli, Province Police Chief DIG Basanta Panta, former Dean of the Madhya Paschim University Pitambar Dhakal among others had shed light on the cases of violation of human rights in the country.


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