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Kaspersky Lab launches new generation of beyond-AV consumer solutions in Nepal with their new Green Bear – Data Guardian packaging

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November 5th 2018

Kaspersky Lab, one of the leading multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus providers in the world, needs no introduction and so does its mascot Midori Kuma, alternatively known as the Green Bear all over the world. Kaspersky Lab’s Data Guardian- Midori Kuma is now in Nepal and is all set to protect the data of millions of people worldwide and has already toured many countries for showcasing Kaspersky’s approach to a friendly way of dealing with cybersecurity. The brand-new Midori Kuma packaging is going to be showcased across Kaspersky Lab’s updated key range of solutions for home users, designed to safeguard everything that is valuable to them – privacy, money, memories, piece of mind for their loved ones and much more, in addition to protecting against cyber-attacks.

It was first launched in Nepal in 2008 is becoming popular in Nepal. It’s been more than 10 years and successfully running. It has a market share of 40 percent among individual users and 50 percent in corporate sector. Kaspersky security systems have capacity to clean up routine hazards like warms, Trojans and viruses seen in computers.

What’s new in Kaspersky 2019?

Speed: increase the speed of almost every process in security solution for consumers. Require less operating memory and fewer other resources. Installation takes less time as well updates are barely noticeable for users.

Security: monitoring outgoing request to IP address

Technology:  Brand new behavioral model, which combines the best from worlds of behavioral analysis and machine learning meaning it, can proactively detect a broader scope of threat

Integration: Microsoft Windows 10 has a bunch of cool security features that work even better when combined with a good AV solution that’s why we’ve integrated our products with these features: Now they can take advantage of Windows 10’s built-in tools to prevent different kinds of attacks  

 Consistency:  staring with the 2019 versions, Kaspersky products detect and delete adware by default just as they do with malware. Adware may not seem harmful but it can be. It annoys users, distracts them, can download other adware programs or files that may contains threats and capable of doing lots of other harmful things. So to improve user’s experience of using their PCs, Kaspersky decide that adware has to delete by default.

Convenience: user need to know that they are protected or not. That’s why it’s changing its icon in the system tray. There is shield icon whose color changes depending on the current status. If everything is ok, the icon will remain green, if not it will turn red

  1. The Toolswindow has been improved. Application features are now categorized to help you find specific features.
  2. Kaspersky products detect and delete adware by default.
  1. You can now complain about an application that misbehaves.
  1. The operation of the Safe Money component has been improved.
  1. You can now search for and remove browser extensions.
  1. The PC Cleaner component has been improved.
  2. The Application Manager component has been improved.
  1. A schedule of application and browser extension search has been added.
  1. It is now possible to exclude applications from analysis based on object category.
  1. The list of ignored applications has been moved to a separate window.
  1. The Software Updater component has been improved:
  2. It is now possible to run a scheduled search for application updates.
  3. The list of ignored applications has been moved to a separate window.
  4. It is now possible to open a specific site in Protected Browser by clicking the application icon in the notification area and on the taskbar.
  5. Feedback forms that let you rate the component performance and report to Technical Support have been improved.
  6. A notification about whether your computer supports hardware virtualization has been added. The status of hardware virtualization is also displayed in the component settings window.
  7. The Parental Control component has been improved.
  1. When the time zone changes, the computer, Internet and application usage time is zeroed out.
  2. Similar applications, for example, browsers from different vendors, are now controlled as one application.
  1. The operation of the Anti-Banner component has been improved. New Anti-Banner filters have been added. They let you specify which banners in particular should be blocked.
  2. The display of notifications has been improved. Notifications that are not critical for application performance are not displayed while you are using office applications, running an application in full-screen mode, watching a video or performing a video call.
  3. The Recommended settings window has been improved. The Delete malicious tools, adware, auto-dialers and suspicious packagers check box and the Detect other software that can be used by criminals to damage your computer or personal data check box have been added.
  4. It is now possible to scan scripts using Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI). AMSI is a standard Microsoft interface that allows scanning scripts and other objects using Kaspersky Internet Security. The component can only detect a threat and notify about it, but it does not handle threats. The component is available in Microsoft Windows 10 or later.


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