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Saroj Nepal
The poem which gets immortal place in the heart of people is epic. Mahabharata is attractive and meaningful for every generation. In the ancient history of India, the Mahabharata is such immortal, best and interesting epic, in which the proud ancient history of the entire India has been explained in a very proud way. Due to the horror of the Mahabharat war and the excess of the countries involved in that war, the Mahabharat war is also called the first world war of creation. In this epic, instant war skills, democratic and diplomatic governance system, different dimensions of human and nature, divine vibhutis expressed good thoughts for human welfare etc. in a very interesting and artistic way.
There is thrilling, compassion, nature and tradition in this unique creation of Adiguru Vedvyas. And there is a joyful vision that comes from the shelter of God. This is a unique and historic event in India that leads to the limit of excitement, which covers incomparable courage and low-crore cowardice, immense love and extreme hatred, amazing charity and unparalleled sorrow etc. in such a way that the element knowledge is an important part of the lifestyle. Anyone can understand.
The Mahabharata is not only an interesting story of a terrible war and the heartbreak between two families, but also a moral story of the victory of truth over falsehood. If you study this book that gives the message that you need to rise above your selfishness for humanity and peace, you can only forget in the story of victory and defeat, but if you look deeply and emotionally, you will feel the call of welfare and the mantra of supreme knowledge.
It seems that our culture based on Sanatan Paripanch is the mother of all culture and traditions of the world. Vedas, Puran, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata and various theology have an important role in our culture to get a huge divine and grand form. These scriptures have made us look towards salvation through morality, spirituality, element philosophy, high lifestyle and unique literature. In ancient times, the knowledge of Vedas is limited to the priests, the knowledge of the Upanishad is limited to some philosophers and scholars in this epic India, it feels like epic and puranas have followed the rules and principles of the Vedas.
This ancient history of king, state and civilization from sea to Himalayas, which is high honoured even as the fifth Vedas, described the true story of king, state and civilization. These Yawat references have been presented by Maharshi Vedvyas written in one lakh verses, hence Mahabharat is also known as Shathashri Samhita. This scripture is so great that it is eight times greater than the great philosopher Homer’s ′′ Eliad and Odyssey This book, seen as a mirror of bad and bad deeds, looks like the hostile story of state power between two families, but morally looks like a great epidemic for religion and justice. Emotionally this war was the ideological war between the highest and lowest thoughts against bad thoughts. It has been shown that the Kauravs who represented small selfishness in front of the symbol of the best ideal Paramveer Arjun and Lord Krishna are defeated. Due to the supernatural glory and intervention of Yogeshwar Shri Krishna, the Pandavas won even in adverse circumstances. ′′ Yato Dharmastato Jai ′′ means that where there is truth, there is victory is the main essence of Mahabharata.
The main objective of the Mahabharata is included in the Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, which is famous as the knowledge preaching given to Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Gitopadesh is for the social, moral, and spiritual uplifting of mankind. This book is not only a historical composition, it is also a guide to legal, moral, social, political philosophy as well as to achieve the achievement of meaning, work and salvation.
It seems that the solution to all the problems of the world can be found within the Mahabharata, not only the corona that has affected the current world, but who will search for it?

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