११ असार २०७८, शुक्रबार

I am a fool, I am angry

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Saroj Nepal
Perhaps it’s a matter of studying in class, One day at in the afternoon while playing touch doom (a kind of game), while chasing me, my niece’s ear thread got stuck in the hand of my shirt, as a result, the thread was pulled, the blood stream started flowing from the thread of my ear.
The daughter of the teacher started crying saying ′′ This idiot touched my ear At the same time, his brother (son of teacher) who was older than me in age and strength, he also arrived. ′′ I didn’t know this stitched in the thread of my ear………… When my sentence was not fulfilled, the teacher’s son showed the art of all hands, legs and sticks and stopped only after getting tired. The right arm of my shirt that was under her attack is completely out. I was declared guilty for not being able to give my clarification throughout the school. As soon as the holiday, the teacher who taught Nepali made good use of the stick that he was carrying in the same case, the hair of Kansiri was out. Everyone would have done that much action when they saw the tata of blood in their own daughter’s ear. Teacher’s daughter was doing good.
From the next day, the teacher’s son used to rock when he saw me. He would have been calm and went to his class after showing the entire art of attack. This sequence is repeating the th day. Even though I told everything in the house with a lot of bed, I didn’t have the meaning of my mother, I didn’t have time to listen to my father, my brothers didn’t care at all. Everyone’s situation was like that then. Instead, the answer would have come to ′′ Chuck Chuck, you just eat That incident did not happen because I knew it, I felt poison that I did not eat. There was no one to listen to me in cleaning. Guruputri’s ear wound was cured but the wound of injustice to me was increasing. It was already my destiny to bear the attack of my teacher’s son while going to school. This incident hit my child’s brain and I’m unknowingly feeling of revenge.
I remember Bhonde Pusai, speaking in Hindi’s love after a long time from India and at that time, who used to shop in Duhora, said ′′ It’s good! In our India, two-sided Rampuri knife is found, I also had it, but I don’t know if it was given to Salbase to make the edge and sharpen, he hid it or sold it to someone else, now when asking, he says he is missing. The specialty of such a knife is that if it is killed in the stomach only once, it cuts both sides at the same time and the intestine falls instantly, the man is screwed
I found the two-edged knife suitable for immediate revenge, my mood has become like that. It is said that every problem has a solution but I have only started seeing the solution in the knife.
It was known that it will be found in India, that’s why the relatives and generation who just came on leave from India should call me nephew, but the age went to ask the oldest wanderer Cholraj, ′′ Thulbau, do you have a two-way knife She replied ′′ oh baby! There is no need for such a two-edged knife in the house and that vegetable cutting knife in Nepal. Again nowadays, if someone brings a weapon etc in the bag, the policeman on the border is very annoying
I decided to make a two-edged knife when there was no solution. But where is the money? Apart from Dashain’s Dakshina, there was no sure source to spend your own money, but the knife was not made. Dashain was yet to come. When the solution was zero, I hid the ginger that was kept for the seeds so that no one could see it. The next morning I woke up with my mother and said, ′′ I am called by Dumrichaur Nirmal, I am going to school from there with a bag of book and hidden ginger and went to Arebhanjyang Bazaar. If I had already woke up, I wouldn’t have got permission to go. There was Aaron in the height of the moon. Aarne Budha was digging in Aaron and scoring a goal from the sack. (There would be a possibility of brothers to know when they were made in the Aran of Satdobato) When they saw me, the person asked me in his own love, ′′ Yes, why are you walking alone, hey Bista boy
Me — I came to make a knife with a edge on both sides.
Oh my god — Why do you want me? People are in front of me when I asked to bring a house with such haters.
Me — I am going to make it because of my desire.
Come on — So, the army has to get eight rupees sealed by eight rupees.
Me — Well this is my ginger of peva. It can be sold and planted but it has to be made as much as it can be, but I need it today. If you need money, I will go and sell it.
After a lot of request, a knife became two sides.
I didn’t like Bhakkimla’s bid very much but without saying anything, I came home in the evening and hid the knife in the roof of the goat’s cattle.
Could not sleep at night. I will go to school tomorrow, I will hit the teacher and run away at half time, otherwise the police will catch and put you in jail, so you have to run away with a knife. Rupse’s Rajai Pokhara says he comes to India after cutting four hills, I hide there. I don’t know when I fell asleep thinking like this. I wouldn’t have been calm without doing this. As soon as the war of Mahabharat, it was a bad thing to explain the horror of Pashupatashtra attacked by Arjun and Ashwasthama. No one knew the pain of my heart, nor the character to tell me the fatality of two sides.
According to the pre-plan tomorrow, I put the seeds in the bag which can be eaten by road expenses, salt, amchur, etc. The fire of revenge was burning even more. Thumka Kahilo went to school hiding all the food in the tail of Bako’s garden. After the second bell, Madan entered the new house and started saying, ′′ Who has climbed our cinnamon tree? Ok say, otherwise I will make everyone understand, but no one spoke. At last a bakra was found in the bag of Fedi’s Gore, Sharp Pipalbari’s Bale, Taridada devotees. Found a knife in my bag. Madan hit me with two sticks saying that I am also a cinnamon thief. I also became a criminal without knowing the cinnamon scandal.
Later I was forced to say this knife was brought to kill Falana in my cleaning.
Shankar sir again slapped two and said, ′′ See how much anger is this much of Piusa? How much can I take? You snatched the knife and said, ′′ If you need a knife, come with the big man of the house tomorrow I was tortured by injustice and I cried for almost two hours for a long time, my heart was lightened. It was amazing. The knot stuck in the chest for a long time disappeared suddenly. As per sir’s order, I joined hands with the Guru’s son (in the language of that time – I did good). My teacher slapped his own son after hearing all the news. I never even had a loud voice after that. Slowly I have reached to be his beloved disciple. Even after a long time, sometimes I used to ask ′′ You are angry too I would have bowed down.
Nowadays I remember that day, if Madan didn’t come and look at my bag, the cinnamon scandal didn’t decrease…………. Oh, how angry I am. How stupid I am.

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